Pipeline and facility Projects

Some of the Major Projects Completed by the Organization

Starting in 1985, AWS  has played a prominent role in the construction of many of the major pipeline systems currently operating in the Pakistan. We have successfully installed pipelines all over the nation, including inaccessible geographical areas and hostile areas, environmentally and politically both. The project of Pirkoh Gas field network in a very challenging rocky terrain and politically unstable area is the testimony of our unrivaled technical and social skills. As a result of our efforts, AWS & Co. has earned the reputation of most technically resilient Oil & Gas engineering Construction company of Pakistan.

AWS & Co.  takes pride in delivering projects on or before time to our clients and facilitates one-stop-shop for all of our client’s needs, contracts are executed and completed in a professional and timely manner. Construction professionalism and on-schedule production have been important factors in the long-standing and continuing working relationships that the company has forged with many of its clients.

AWS has championed the installation of plants and pipelines throughout the Pakistan, across deserts, mountains, wetlands, farmlands, congested suburban areas and large and small rivers; in soils from rock to the lands look almost like quicksand. AWS & Co. has the supervisory ,technical staff and equipment required to execute  small & big diameter pipeline projects, and has to date installed several thousand miles of pipelines ranging in size from 4-inch to 24-inch in diameter.

  • Installed De-Hydration Plants including 100 MCF Contractor Tower at Kandh Kote Gas Field in the province of Sind, this is  the largest Plant installed in the PPL`s history to-date.
  • Procured and installed Condensate Recovery System, supplied and installation of 40 km security fence on the compacted earth bund constructed by A.W.S. & Co. for permanent Camp/P.F. Area at Kandh Kote.
  • Constructed the 80 km  access road to drill site in the country’s most difficult terrain, leveled and graded drill site, constructed rig’s cellar, bored deep water wells ( Nos. 3 ) for CANADA NORTH WEST ENERGY INC. at Mole River, near Sari Sigh Village, province of Sind.
  • Completed a coating refurbishment project of 40 km in water logged area for Pak-Arab Refinery Limited (PARCO) next to Mighty River Indus. Hot Bitumen’s Asphalt was applied manually with reinforcement of Fiber-Glass.
  • Supplied and installed Condensate Recovery Unit at Sui-Gas Field.

A.W.S. & Co. have been selected from nine big pipeline contractors by OGDC and awarded a project which includes Survey, Engineering, Designing, Construction, Testing & Commissioning for 8 wells of Pirkoh Gas Field network: 16” dia Gathering Mains, 8”dia Feeder lines measuring 28 KM and Well-head fittings for Pirkoh Gas Company (Pvt.) Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of Oil & Gas Development Corporation of Pakistan. This project has been rated by the pipeline industry as country’s most difficult project Geo-politically. We had tough fight with 28 km of rock cliffs, built R.O.W. at 1:10 slope, laid pipeline & brought into operation. The project has been much appreciated operationally without giving any problem to-date.

  • Have completed the gas distribution network at Choa Saidan Shah, for SNGPL. Chakwal, Punjab.
  • Have completed the gas distribution network at Hub Town, Dist. Lasbela, Baluchistan for Sui Southern Gas Company.
  • Fabricated and erected the Amine Plant at Turk Facility District Badin  for Union Texas Petroleum Inc. ( Presently BP Pakistan Inc.) having safety and quality in mind to commission the plant within the stipulated time. The piping material includes carbon steel, Alloy steel and stainless steel in heavy schedule with Tungsten Inert Gas welding procedure.
  • Construction of 22 Kms. 4.5”, 6.625” & 10.750” dia. gathering pipeline network “(Kato-Zaur-Bukhari) KAZA Pipeline Project” for Union Texas Petroleum Inc. The project is defined as cross country pipeline and was a buried pipe line would cross through cultivated field, barren land, roads and canal. Hence construction activity would base on all construction activities  required to lay cross country pipeline vis-à-vis survey, demarcation, clearing and grading of R.O.W, trenching & excavation, stringing of line pipe in segments, tie-ins of segments , joints coating lowering, backfilling, 12 Nos. canal & road crossing including 250 ft Giant Guniwah Canal Crossing, appurtenance, well-head fitting, instrumentation ,hydrostatic testing and pigging and allied civil works.
  • Installation of numerous jet pumps at various location at Badin Concession Area for Union Texas Petroleum and British Petroleum Pakistan Inc.
  •  Annual Turn around Project for LASMO Oil Pakistan Limited at Kadanwari Gas Field Khairpur District Sind.
  • Installation of Gas Chromatographs and flow computers at Golarchi and Mazari Facilities for Union Texas Petroleum Inc in Dist. Badin Sind..
  • Installation of Water Degasser (V-1240) and hook-up of its associated piping at Turk Gas facility for Union Texas Petroleum Inc in Dist. Badin Sind..
  • Construction of Steel Structure Bridge at Sakhi & Mehro locations for Union Texas Petroleum Inc in Dist. Badin Sind..
  • Laying of 22 Kms. 6.625” dia. pipeline underground flowline from Raj-1 to Jabo Remote location for British Petroleum Inc in Dist. Badin Sind.
  • Laying of 34 Kms. 6.625” underground pipeline from Umer-1 well  to Naimat Basal Facility for Orient Petroleum Inc from Mirpurkhas Concession Area to Khipro Concession Area Tando Adam, Sind.. The project was of a VERY HIGH PRIORITY and A.W.S. & Co. manage to commission it in an astonishing 54 days. The project was comprised of 17 roads and canal crossing. A.W.S. & Co. has been awarded by a appreciation letter by General Manager Production in this regard.
  • Laying of 6.4 Kms. 6.625” dia pipeline from Fatehshah-1 to Makhdumpur Remote facility for British Petroleum Inc. at Badin Concession Area Sind. The project includes the crossing of 300 ft Karo-Ghungro Outfall drain by Directional Drilling Method.
  • Laying of 8 kms. 8” dia pipeline from Kauser Facility to SSGC Massu Valve assembly. Dist. Matiari. Sind for Orient Petroleum Inc.
  • Laying of 9 Kms. 6.625” dia pipeline from Bilal North to Siraj South pipeline project, Tando Adam, Sind for Orient Petroleum Inc.
  • Annual Turn around of Naimat Basal Facility, the project includes installation of vessels, with associated piping with Tungsten Inert Gas welding procedure.
  • Laying of 5.34 KM 6” Dia pipeline from Ahmed-1 Well to Kauser Facility, with installation of Separator with associate piping during the shut down.
  • 6” dia Kamal North to Siraj South 25 KM Pipeline for OPI
  • 10”  3 KM pipeline of bhit 11 for ENI
  • 3” dia Sch 120 9 KM pipeline from Manzalai 3 to Manzali 1 for MOL
  • 6” dia 7km pipeline from Mahi to bachal for BP Pakistan Inc.
  • 24” dia 3 KM pipeline from Bhit 8 to Existing manifold for ENI
  •  6” dia 6 KM pipeline Misri south -1 for BP Pakistan
  • 4” dia 4 km pipeline at Sonro for BP Pakistan.
  • Construction of 6” Dia pipeline 14.3 Kms  from Koonj Well to SSGC valve asslembly. Shikarpur.
  • Construction of 6” dia Pyaro Deep 1 Flow line  for BP Pakistan
  • Construction of 4” dia Tangri Deep 1 flow to Tangri Facility for BP Pakistan
  • Construction of 4” dia Jalal Deep 3 flow line for United Energy Pakistan (formerly BP Pakistan)
  • Installation of water injection pump at Kandhkot for PPL
  • Construction of 6” dia Meyon Ismail flow line and HDPE Fuel Gas line for UEP
  • Construction of 12 dia NAKA Pipeline for UEP
  • Construction of 6” dia. Pipeline from Rathor Deep-1 to TGA facility. – UEP
  • Construction of 8” dia 5 Kms pipeline from Aasu Deep-1 to Laghari Facility. – UEP
  • Construction of 6”Dia. 5 Kms. Sonro 15 to Sonro remote facility  – UEP
  • Canal and Railway Crossing 16 “ dia NAPOD pipeline for UEP
  • Construction of 8” Dia. 11 KMS Sumar Mid Point to Naimat Facility for United Energy.
  • Construction of 6” Dia. 4.5 Kms. Nurpur Mid point to Kausar Facility.
  • Construction of 12” Dia. 3 KMS Sohrab Deep-2 to NAKA Mid Point-UEP
  • Construction of 8” DIa. 2 Kms Sohrab Deep-1 to Sohrab Deep-2 Pipeline Project.
  • Construction of 6” Dia. 5.8 KMS Sualeh-1 Pipeline – UEP
  • Construction of 4” dia. 2 Kms Turk Deep-4 to Turk Facility. UEP
  • 17 Kilometer 8” dia pipeline Sujal-1 to Sujawal for MPCL
  • Construction of 6” Dia. 2 km Saman-1 to Sumar Mid point – UEP