safetyWe believe that safe practices not only improves quality of work performed but also provide a work place where caring for each other and comradery prevails. We believe that everyone from the newest crew member to the top level executive should be equally as accountable for safe work practices and promoting a safe work place. We all deserve the safe workplace, our employees, our subcontractors, everyone onsite, and the public at large. In 2005, AWS & Co implemented the Speak Up! Against unsafe activities program, which aims to increase and improve communication when a crew sees something unsafe; encourages anyone at any level to reinforce a safe work culture; and confirms that it is okay to give safety feedback to supervisors, managers, or people in other work groups. Deliberately creating the culture and promoting the communication about Safety at each project and daily activities and identifying and mitigating risk has strengthen our commitment for continuous improvement.
Our Safety Objectives 

  • Establish individual responsibility for the safety program on each project that reaches all levels, including the workforce
  • Promote the safety and well-being of each employee and people around the job site.
  • Maintain the reputation of the safest contractors in the industry.
  • Encourage improvements to safety throughout the company and each project..


Key Elements of Our Safety Program 

  • Involving our crews in creating Jobsite Hazard Analyses (JHAs) for all major work phases.
  • Holding daily pre-work safety meetings to cover the work tasks, associated hazards, work procedures, equipment,
    and required PPE.
  • Providing safety training applicable to the project scope of work at documented, weekly tool-box safety meetings.
  • Assigning a Safety Educator to each project team.
  • Conducting frequent safety evaluations of jobs by our Management Team.
  • Establishing safety recognition programs for supervisors – safety awards are presented during tool-box safety meetings.
  • Mandating new employee orientation and training programs.
  • Always following up with corrective measures through our accident and injury reporting system.
  • Applying our Safety Violation/Misconduct Enforcement Program.
  • Ensuring that insurance company Loss Control Specialists visit our jobsites and make recommendations where warranted.
  • Using OSHA Consulting Services to strengthen our project safety and health programs.
  • Partnering and coordinating with the client for job-wide safety and health efforts.